How ignoring the pain made things worse

A week ago I ordered a new set of socks. They were a bit thinner than normal but very comfortable and warm.

But yesterday I went out for an unplanned hike to the grocery store (uphill both ways).

By the time I got back, my left heel was killing me.

Turned out these new socks were just thin enough to cause a blister all along the upper portion of my heel.

I should have followed my running training, test the socks in a "trial run" first and stop at the first signs of pain to fix a problem before it got worse. I could have fixed the problem by lacing my shoes a bit tighter but I was in a hurry and distracted so I ignored the pain.

When you notice pain in your Shopify store, whether it’s loading times, product page glitches, search, checking out, whatever…

Stop and check on it. The pain could be something that’s losing you customers and sales.

You might get lucky and all you need to do is adjust your shoes… err, um I mean change a store setting or two.

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