Using knowledge and experience to change a big problem into a little one

Yesterday I wrote about how I ignored a pain in my foot and ended up with a blister that made it painful to walk.

I’ve dealt with blisters before.

Running long distances in sandals has taught me a lot about foot care.

That night I ended up "dealing with it" (vague in case you just ate) and applied my go-to care routine.

12 hours later 90% of the pain was gone and there’s only a slight discomfort from the bandage. You know that clingy feeling you get when you have a bandage on.

It’ll probably take a day or two longer to fully heal but then I’ll be in top shape and back to normal.

Just in time for a busy weekend of spring cleaning.

I know how to deal with blisters by reading about them and experiencing them over the years. The first few I got from running were rough as I experimented and figured out how they work (i.e. what they are, what causes them, etc). But now they are just little problems that crop up now and then.

Whenever you try to solve a new problem you can expect to run into issues, waste a lot of time, and spend a lot of resources.

You’ll eventually get better at it once your experience and knowledge is filled out enough. But you have to be prepared to keep learning and investing for the long-term.

Or you can use tools to shortcut the process. Some might just get you the result you need, others might make the process easier.

For example if your goal is to get more sales from customers, the advice embedded inside of Repeat Customer Insights can speed you up and get you closer to stronger repeat orders.

Or JSON-LD for SEO can add the data needed to get Google Rich Results which will boost your organic traffic and make your SEO a larger portion of your free traffic strategies.

Eric Davis

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