Results follow actions

Your actions influence your results.

If you spend everyday working on your SEO, you'll grow your organic traffic.

If you spend everyday helping customers and answering questions, you'll build their trust and earn repeat business.

If you spend everyday talking on social media, you'll grow a following there.

But the inverse is true too.

If you don't work on your SEO, it'll shrink along with your traffic.

If you ignore customers, they'll tell others and you lose your repeat business and new customers.

If you avoid social media, any communities you started there will grow weeds and disappear.

You don't have to do everything and work 23 hours a day.

You do need to decide which results are the most important and make sure your actions support them.

Don't mix them up either. You can't expect to spend all day on social media and have your SEO traffic grow. It doesn't work that way.

Eric Davis

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