When you’re bored but still want to improve your Shopify store

If you find yourself with some spare time on your hands, have you considered adding to your product descriptions?

Having enough content on every page is a major component to SEO and attracting organic traffic.

Sadly, the majority of Shopify stores I review don’t have enough content so their SEO results are limited.

Normally writing product descriptions is time-consuming so no one does it, but it’s actually quite valuable in the short and long-term.

Plus you might be able to get into a flow with them and be able to take your mind off of the current situations.

It’s better than bingeing on a low-quality show.

More page content can even help your Rich Results, though indirectly. Google likes pages with more content so they come back to them more often and rate them higher, which means the Rich Results algorithm is more likely to award them Rich Results.

But you need the structured data from JSON-LD for SEO to qualify for Rich Results first. It’s just a one minute install and I recommend it for every Shopify store.

Eric Davis

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