You have marketing assets you've forgotten all about

Continuing the conversation on marketing assets, sometimes you might miss ones that you already have because you think they aren't reusable.

I've seen people set the bar so high that they'll only count things that will run forever without any further work.

Those are passive marketing assets and are rare. Great to build if you can, but not the whole story.

Most assets require regular updating and maintenance. Some require a lot of maintenance. Some only a little.

But you don't have to start from scratch each and every time you work on them. You can reuse the work you put into them already and make them better (increasing their results and their value to you).

Think about what you have that can be reused. You might be surprised how many marketing assets you have that can be put to work with a bit of cleanup.

Reusing your marketing could also make it stick better. Repetition and all those psychological impacts.

You'll need to take a long view with something like Repeat Customer Insights though, a lot of repeat customer behavior can take months to see results and many tools have too short-term of a focus.

Eric Davis

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