Shopify Dispatch Issue #100 - Ecommerce SEO, Negative product reviews

The Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce SEO

While it gets into more complex SEO advice, this article from Shopify on ecommerce SEO can give you some ideas on how to setup SEO for your store. I will say they over-emphasize keywords and rankings though, which have been weakened with the rise of personalized search results.

Curating negative Shopify product reviews in Google

Product reviews are a great way to add social proof to your products and help customers decide to buy, but many stores are afraid of negative reviews hurting sales. Especially once those reviews get into Google through Rich Snippets. In this article I explain how to manage and curate your product reviews in Shopify.

Show your product prices directly in search results with Rich Snippets

Improve your click-through rate from organic traffic by showing your products, prices, and availability directly in the search results. JSON-LD for SEO will do it for you, automatically.

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