Shopify Dispatch Issue #102 - Shopify Rich Snippets, Marketing productivity

Shopify Rich Snippets: Improved organic traffic that converts, without chasing rankings

Getting Rich Snippets is one of the few "free lunches" in the SEO world that still works, mostly because Google really wants to better understand your store's website. In this article I cover everything you need to know about Rich Snippets and Shopify.

Marketing Productivity: the most powerful lesson I learned from 120 days on the road

When building your store, one of the core, non-product strategies you need it figure out is your marketing channels. Ideally you'd get your marketing to the point where you're getting enough of a return to be able re-invest the returns and grow. Drew Sanocki writes about this as part of his marketing productivity article that he used with his stores.

Optimize your Shopify store for retention and repeat customer purchases

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