Shopify Dispatch Issue #122 - Ecommerce analytics, Shopify blogging

Ecommerce Analytics at Scale: The Art and Science of Data Analysis for Growing Sales

Brad Smith has written about how to use ecommerce analytics to grow your store. It includes some examples of how to get the data from Shopify and what to do with it.

I have to mention that one of my apps, Repeat Customer Insights, will automatically pull and calculate some of this data for you, without have to open up Excel or grab a TI calculator.

How to Use Shopify's Blog Platform to Grow your Customer Base

I recently wrote for the Justuno team about using Shopify's blog platform as part of your content marketing.

Safely get more Google traffic for your Shopify store

Google's Rich Snippets will help you grow your Shopify store by sending you more traffic for free. Learn how you too can get Rich Snippets for your store.

My articles this week

Using JSON-LD for SEO with custom Shopify templates

Is it better to use your store brand or a popular brand for accessory products?

Unbundle your high end products in Shopify so a customer can sample its quality

Don't assume you need more traffic to your Shopify store

Thanks, I'll see you next week

Eric Davis

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