Shopify Dispatch Issue #125 - Funnel data analysis, Conversion tips

Ecommerce Data Analysis for Optimizing Your Online Funnel

In this article, Doug Crowe goes through three phases of your funnel and shows how to use data and analytics to optimize each phase.

14 ways to improve your ecommerce conversions on Shopify

Ross Allchorn has put together things a Shopify store should consider to optimize their conversion rate. The changes range from a quick tweak, all the way to creating a new marketing campaign so there's something for everyone.

Analyze your customer's behaviors before they defect

Your customers aren't yours forever. One might have defected today, never to be seen again.

You need to analyze your customer behavior so you can reach them before they defect.

My articles this week

Determine which products need better descriptions in your Shopify store

What's the minimum length of your product descriptions to boost your Shopify store's SEO

Getting back on the treadmill

Should you invest time on Shopify pages with Rich Snippets already or ones that don't?

Eric Davis

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