Shopify Dispatch Issue #124 - Landing page funnels, How development helps SEO

eCommerce Sales Funnels: A New Trend for Big Growth

In this article by Kathryn Aragon, she describes how to design a landing page funnel to use with paid traffic.

6 Ways Web Developers Can Improve SEO

Jill Kocher Brown created a list of six things your web developer can do to help your site's SEO. Luckily a few of them are handled by Shopify automatically.

Safely get more Google traffic for your Shopify store

Google's Rich Snippets will help you grow your Shopify store by sending you more traffic for free. Learn how you too can get Rich Snippets for your store.

My articles this week

One of the best investments of 2018

Monday Morning Metrics: see how your Shopify store performed last week

Eric Davis

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