Shopify Dispatch Issue #127 - Leading indicators, Relations between metrics

Why Leading Indicators in Ecommerce Are the Key to Success & How to Find Them

Herbert Lui gets into leading indicators and why they are important to find if you want to be able to forecast and anticipate the future.

Customer Acquisition: Interplay Between Metrics

Though it's dense with information, Kevin Hillstrom's example of how metrics relate is very important for stores. I've seen this with Repeat Customer Insights where small changes in one metric will wildly swing other store metrics.

Safely get more Google traffic for your Shopify store

Google's Rich Snippets will help you grow your Shopify store by sending you more traffic for free. Learn how you too can get Rich Snippets for your store.

My articles this week

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Changing your SEO title tags in Shopify

Best way to optimize Shopify products that change from year to year

(Untitled Shopify Page)... why you need good page titles in Shopify

JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with and

Use Status Pages to Evaluate Cloud-based Vendors

Eric Davis

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