Shopify Dispatch Issue #163 - Audit Google Analytics, Discount alternatives

How to Audit Google Analytics Data, for Ecommerce

Google Analytics is one of the most popular systems for tracking Shopify stores, I think it's even used more than Shopify's built-in metrics.

That said, it's a complex beast of software and no one is using it to its full potential.

Morgan Jones goes through how to audit the important parts of Google Analytics to make sure your data is accurate and not corrupted.

Beyond Discounts: 6 Creative Promotion Ideas for a More Profitable BFCM

Many stores reach for their tried and true discount hammer when it comes to promotions. While it works, it directly eats into your profit and trains customers to never buy at full-price.

Mary-Rose Sutton outlines a few different promotional ideas as alternatives to storewide discounts.

Competitors beating you in Google?

Google likes to hand out search enhancements to those websites who help them and their searchers. That's why adding structured data to your Shopify store can be a valuable option.

With JSON-LD for SEO it's even easier. The app will automatically add the data needed for search enhancements like Rich Results and Rich Snippets on products, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

Already trusted by a few thousand Shopify stores since 2015, it's the safe and efficient choice for structured data.

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Eric Davis

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