Shopify Dispatch Issue #20 - February 10th, 2016

How to Set Retail Discounts, for Ecommerce

Too often I see discounts created without any thought behind them. A merchant will decide that today 15% sounds good and next time they'll make it 20%. Armando Roggio shows how to plan out your discounts so it matches your business reason for the discount, while also measuring it so you'll do better next time.

5 Simple Google Analytics Reports

Just about everyone can benefit from installing Google Analytics on their site but with the huge amount of information it collects, it can be difficult to understand. Simon Heaton goes through 6 Google Analytics reports that you can quickly install into your account and start tracking some important ecommerce metrics in your store.

Everything you need to know about Private Shopify apps SPONSOR

Private Shopify apps, built by a developer specifically for your store, can add a layer of customization to Shopify that you haven't heard of before.

Signup to this free course to learn how Private Shopify Apps can benefit your Shopify store, how they work from a non-technical perspective, and over a dozen examples of what private apps can do.

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