Shopify Dispatch Issue #21 - February 17th, 2016

Order Communication and Collaboration in Shopify

Shopify added the ability for your team to post comments to your orders. This will make it easier to talk about an order in one place and stop sending those dozens of emails.

2016 Ecommerce Marketing Checklist

Marketing can feel difficult if you don't approach it with a plan. Armando Roggio has a high-level checklist you can use to plan out all of your marketing for 2016. (You can easily reuse this year after year too)

Everything you need to know about Private Shopify apps SPONSOR

Private Shopify apps, built by a developer specifically for your store, can add a layer of customization to Shopify that you haven't heard of before.

Signup to this free course to learn how Private Shopify Apps can benefit your Shopify store, how they work from a non-technical perspective, and over a dozen examples of what private apps can do.

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