Shopify Dispatch Issue #246 - Customer pricing behavior, Search Console keywords

Training The Customer

Kevin Hillstrom writes about how long it can take to get pricing preferences from a customer's behavior. In my own experience, even getting a second purchase can be an uphill battle for some.

SEO: Search Console Is an Untapped Source of Keyword Data

When it comes to SEO, much of your success relies on the level of keyword research you put in. Bill Sebald writes about how you can get a lot of keyword data directly from Google using Search Console.

Spot odd purchasing behavior

Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and potential defections before they happen.

My articles this week

Adding another layer of guidance for your Shopify repeat customer metrics

Tiny tip: go through your checkout and find what blocking your sales

The new Shopify store marketing plan

Find out what Google is showing from your Shopify store

Eric Davis

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