Shopify Dispatch Issue #30 - Automation, Data intelligence

6 Principles for Small Business Automation

A little bit of code can go a long way when it comes to automation but only if you understand what you're trying to accomplish. Armando Roggio writes about principles to remember when you're considering automation.

Breaking into Data Intelligence: Making Sense of Your Data for Revenue

With the amount of advice and tactics an ecommerce store can use now, it can be overwhelming to know when to do things. One way to approach this is to use data to guide your decision making process. Before that can happen though, you need to collect and make sense of your data.

Absolute Minimum Email Marketing for Shopify Stores - Little Stream Software SPONSOR

Sales and marketing are the primary drivers of a business's growth. They get the word out there to potential customers, nurture those customers, sell the products and services to them, and over-time turn those customers into fans.

In this guide I'll show you the absolute minimal amount of email marketing you need for your Shopify store.

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