Shopify Dispatch Issue #38 - Build Shopify App webinar, Drive repeat business

How to Build Your First Shopify App (Webinar)

Over the past couple of months I've built three public apps and gotten two into the Shopify App Store (the 3rd is on it's way this week). If you've been wanting to learn how to build your own apps, Shopify is hosting a free webinar on building your first Shopify App.

5 Ways Successful Shopify Stores Drive Repeat Business

Winning repeat business is a sure way to success for your store but it doesn't happen automatically. Jordan from CartHook outlines five ways to improve your customers experience so they'll come back again later.

Learn how to retain repeat customers with this free training SPONSOR

If you're wanting to learn how to retain repeat customers in your Shopify store, this free email course will give you the knowledge and tools that make that happen (and boost your revenue at the same time).

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