Shopify Dispatch Issue #39 - CLTV, Build a Shopify App in a week

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Kevin has a great article on segmenting your Shopify customers using an RFM analysis and then finding their customer lifetime values.

Super secret (but not really a secret): this week I'm planning to submit a Shopify app to the App Store that does this RFM analysis and segmenting automatically. If you're interested, send me an email and I can show you what it does.

How to Build a Shopify App in One Week

In this article for Shopify I discuss how I was able to build a Shopify app in a week and share my process I used. Funny side-note to that, in the time it took to get that article published I built two more Shopify apps in under a week each.

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Thanks, I'll see you next week

Eric Davis

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