Shopify Dispatch Issue #398 - Shopify layoffs, Big asset file changes

Issue #398 - May 10th, 2023

Shopify: Important team and business changes

The big news this week is Shopify laying off 20% of their employees and selling off Shopify Logistics less than a year after acquiring Deliverr for $2.1 billion.

There's a ton of spin coming out from them so who knows how this will impact the remainder of the year for merchants.

File/Asst changes

Following up on Shopify's removal of the major Asset API for apps are a number of updates around how they will handle files and media urls going forward.

The first combines the product and media files into one spot. This should be useful to find where a file was uploaded to.

The second changes the Asset URLs used by Shopify's CDN. Specifically they'll use the store domain instead of The downsize is that they are rolling it out slowly "in the coming weeks" and it sounds like it might break a lot of existing urls (e.g. hard-coded urls, media urls in search engines like Google or Pinterest). If one day you see a lot of your images or theme code break, this is likely the cause.

At least it's done with time to get everything repaired before the holidays.

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(Looks like I was on a bit of a boost kick last week...)

Eric Davis

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