Shopify Dispatch Issue #87 - A/B testing research, Shopify Product Reviews with JSON-LD for SEO

I'm excited to say that Sticky has been featured by Shopify in their New and Noteworthy section for the next week

How to Conduct Research That Drives A/B Testing

A/B testing can enhance your store's conversion rate but only if you're testing things that matter. Nick Disabato writes about easy ways to conduct the research you need to have successful A/B split tests.

JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Shopify Product Reviews

In other news, my JSON-LD for SEO app now integrates with Shopify's Product Reviews app so your product reviews can get into Google's Rich Snippets.

Show your products directly in search results SPONSOR

Improve your click-through rate from organic traffic by showing your products, prices, and availability directly in the search results. JSON-LD for SEO will do it for you, automatically.

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Eric Davis

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