1,238,809 words and all I got was this marketing asset

Most of my successes are the result of consistent effort over a long time.

While many others blast off the launchpad, they end up fading out when they can't sustain the pace or the fad they took advantage of moves on.

One of my constants has been writing. I have a script that keeps a log of how many words I've written and published in articles, emails, and books. Recently it reported this:

2019-04-01: 1,238,809

For perspective, that's about length of four Game of Thrones books or the entire Harry Potter series.

It would be laughable to compare my writing to any best-selling author's writing but that's not my point.

The point is that five years ago I had written just over 113,000 words.

In five years I've grown my writing by over 10x.

And since that writing is the core of my marketing, I have 10x the marketing assets out in the world working for me.

A million words is a crazy amount of writing, but since it grows by a consistent 400 to 600 words per day it's never felt that way. It's just felt like a regular thing I do (and what I'm doing right now).

So what thing are you going to continue doing today, tomorrow, and for the next years?

Another powerful activity is to help your customers and give them the best service you can.

Doing that will have them come back and buy again and again. It's not easy but it can be easier once you understand their behavior.

Repeat Customer Insights and its analyses can help you understand your customer's behavior. With its collection of behavior reports, you can see what they're actually doing.

Eric Davis

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