Tiny Tip: check for checkout frustrations

The past few weeks I've experienced a ton of different ordering and checkout processes. Many of them were frustrating and full of errors.

In today's Tiny Tip, you should check your own checkout.

This should only take you five minutes. If it takes longer, that's a sign of urgent problems you should look at in your Shopify store.

  1. On a phone, open your store's homepage
  2. Use your navigation menus and find one product
  3. Add it to your cart
  4. Without using the main navigation, find a second product (e.g. using related products, an upsell link, browse the collections, etc)
  5. Preview the cart and adjust the quantity of a product to 2
  6. Checkout using a credit card

Getting stuck, taking longer than five minutes, or being frustrated at any step of this is a sign your store is causing too much friction for customers.

This process is a pretty plain order workflow and your store should be able to easily handle it. Later on you'll want to test more complex workflows (and test them regularly) but for now, catch those easily lost sales.

Eric Davis

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