How some contractors keep winning our repeat business

We've been getting some construction done around the house to take care of deferred maintenance from the previous owners.

We're getting 2-3 bids each time so we have ones to compare (except for when I made a mistake and had 6 arborists come out for a tree removal...)

The interesting part is that with each project we put out for bids, there's been at least one contractor who we've worked with before who beats the other bids in price and quality. It's not just a single contractor either.

In all likelihood, we'll end up going with the previous contractors again for our next projects.

Which is a great deal for them because our lifetime value keeps increasing and they're not having to pay customer acquisition costs to land new customers.

That's why there's all that business advice about getting repeat customers and working towards the 4th sale.

Repeat customers make many things in your business easier.

In your Shopify store you can do a lot more than these contractors are doing.

You can build loyalty programs.

You can create new customer campaigns.

You can setup follow-ups and touch points with past customers.

All of which can make it easier to keep past customers.

Using Repeat Customer Insights you can also learn which customers are worth keeping. Some customers aren't worth attracting back so it can be a good idea to reuse those resources on your best customers instead.

With dozens of different customer segments created automatically, you're bound to find a few you can use to improve your repeat customer marketing.

Eric Davis

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights creates cohort groups for you automatically to see how your customers change over time and spot new behavior trends.

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