Invest in your product copywriting

When you create or manufacture your own products it can be difficult to get them stand-out. Especially in competitive industries like in Consumer Packaged Goods where there are often dozens if not hundreds of competitors.

You wish the product would stand on its own by virtue of how awesome it is, but in reality it will most likely languish online without help. When shopping, often a customer will have multiple browser tabs open to you, your competitors, and Amazon. Price and benefit comparisons are easy for them so you need something to hook them.

That hook is product copywriting. Text, images, videos that really sell the product's uniqueness. Something the consumer will connect with and be willing to take a risk on.

For example, an energy drink would have lots of bold, bright colors, and high-energy words like: dynamic, frantic, exuberant.

While a drink that acts as a vitamin supplement would have copywriting around health, longevity, and fitness.

All too often products are short-changed on their copy. The brand creates a great product, a great Shopify theme, spends a load of cash to bring customers, only to have lukewarm content.

Great copywriting isn't easy but you can improve it slowly product-by-product. Start with your best selling products or the products that create the best customers, improve their copywriting, and work your way down the line.

Eric Davis

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