Sell your best products with a quick promotion

The Black Friday season is nearing its end. There's not much time to start a new campaign but still enough for a promotion or two, especially for email.

One tactic that could be useful is to promote your best products.

You can use Shopify's reports to find the ones that have sold the most units or revenue (best-selling).

Or you could use Repeat Customer Insights and promote the products that attract the best customers (best-customers).

Any of those could be a quick win today if you'd like to attract extra customer attention.

Eric Davis

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Refine your automated marketing campaigns with better timing

When building any automated marketing campaign that sends messages over time, you need to know how long the campaign should be and how long to delay the messages. The Customer Purchase Latency metrics calculated by Repeat Customer Insights can help you figure out that timing.

Install Repeat Customer Insights for Shopify

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