The single question to guide your problem solving

I've been thinking about making some major updates to my website. Not so much in the look or design but more of how it's organized.

One question that's been guiding my thinking is:

"What's the purpose?"

For my website it's purpose is to:

I've been really focused on A for years now but have kinda neglected B. That means there's probably a lot of people learning from my advice but not realizing they can signup for my app to have it do a lot for them.

Needless to say, I've been batting some ideas around over the past few months to see how to improve the website.

This question, "What's the purpose?" can be wielded against all manner of problems.

Your Shopify storefront. What's the purpose?

Your email marketing system. What's the purpose?

Reposting social media posts. What's the purpose?

How well you answer the question is the key. If you give a pat answer of "to grow my business" then you're only cheating yourself. You'll get much more value with an answer like "to earn trust from potential customers who love their pets".

What I like about the question is how easy is it to remember and how much power it has.

You don't need some 67 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website content mill article for each part of your business.

Just a question, some honest answers, and curiosity to explore your answers.

Eric Davis

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