The slow simmer SEO

I’ve been slacking on my own SEO.

With the kiddo home, the stuff happening in the world, and the new projects I’m working on for my apps, time has definitely become a premium resource.

Which means it’s been a few months since I’ve looked at or actively worked on my SEO.

A far cry from my plan of monthly improvements.

But SEO is a resilient strategy. Unlike other traffic sources, it can tolerate being ignored for a few months at a time as long as the foundations are sound.

I’m still producing content. Still cross linking it. And my website has a good base level of optimization built in.

Once I finish up a few things, I should have the headspace to start improving it again which is perfect timing for my upcoming busy seasons (end of summer, pre-Black Friday).

Your Shopify store can work the same.

Create content for your pages regularly. Link your new and existing pages. Use a good theme that doesn’t have broken SEO.

And of course use JSON-LD for SEO for the structured data.

Doing only that can limit how much your SEO drops when you’re not actively working on it. But you need those fundamentals working first.

Eric Davis

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