Unite with other Shopify stores this summer

Every summer here there is an event called Summerville Sellwood.

It's a neighborhood event that businesses join by having summer sales and events. The sales attract adults, games attract kids, and there's just a large increase in foot traffic for everyone.

Signs started to appear a week ago and my girl has already recognized them and started to ask me when we're going again.

She's only 6 and has only gone to it once.

That's how solid the marketing is.

There's nothing stopping you from running your own summertime event with a few other stores. It wouldn't be able to make slime with kids but you could band together with other stores and combine efforts.

Find a few stores with a similar customer base as yours and talk to them about running a one-off joint marketing campaign.

It doesn't have to be a big deal either. Maybe some identical site banners. Maybe a few emails sent to your email lists that mention the deals from the other stores (and they'd mention your store).

If it goes well, talk about doing another one next year or in a few months.

If you want to get more advanced with it, you could segment your customer base and offer different deals to different segments. Give your VIPs early notice or incentives to order. Give non-customers a more basic offer.

You can use Repeat Customer Insights to figure out who should get what offer.

Use the Customer Segmenting Report to find your customer grades and segment off of that. Easy.

Eric Davis

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