Give each product a great value proposition

Going into the holiday season, now's the time to really evaluate and improve the value propositions for your store and each of your main products.

The value proposition is customer-focused copywriting that answers the question "what's in it for me?"

Each customer buys your products for a reason. Some might even have multiple reasons.

The value prop is your product's sales copy saying "this product is for you because...[value prop]"

Some reasons and value props are easy to create. You'd sell an umbrella because people don't want to get wet while outside while walking.

Even those simple ones might have a hidden reason to watch for. An umbrella hat would also solve the "don't want to get wet" reason. Your umbrella might combine two different reasons: "don't want to get wet" with "and look stylish".

(Or if you sell the hat, you might combine with "get a laugh out of people" or "look different")

The copywriting can be difficult. If you can get the basics of the value prop defined, you can always start with something simple and refine the copy little-by-little.

Really good value props can help your customers remember your store and come back and buy again. They elevate you above the generic commodity stores.

Some of your products might already have good value props without you even trying. Rank your products by how effective they are at attracting and keeping repeat customers (like using the First Product Analysis in Repeat Customer Insights). The high performs probably have the best value props.

Eric Davis

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