Your job isn't done when the order ships

Yesterday I came home to a flat yellow bubble pack sitting by my front door.

Opening it, what was supposed to be a box of bandages was instead flattened pieces of cardboard with bandages inside.

"Sterile" bandages that you would put on a wound. Stuff that, you know, might want to be assured are clean and safe to use.

To top it off, due to the store's policies, it wasn't a returnable product. Even if the reason for returning it was product damaged in shipment.

At least until I threatened a chargeback for the vendor shipping a damaged product that was improperly packed. They made a policy exception and are shipping a replacement... we'll see if they actually package it right this time.

Shipping an order isn't the end of the transaction. It's only the beginning of the point where you customer gets to see the truth of your promises.

Make sure you're measuring metrics repeat purchase rate to see how satisfied your customers are. Be careful optimizing metrics like orders shipped. These bandages sure were "shipped" but they now cost the company way more in profit (and trust).

It's good business sense too. Customers who see you follow-up on promises come back and buy again.

If you don't have time to calculate repeat purchase rate, it's automatically included in every Repeat Customer Insights account.

Eric Davis

How do your products determine customer behavior

In Repeat Customer Insights the Customer First Product analysis will measure customer behavior based on the products each customer first ordered.

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