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Knowing which path to take with software development is important.

A application roadmapping session will create that path for you and answer your pressing concerns about the software you need.

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Custom Shopify Development via Shopify Private Apps

Your Shopify store is unique, and so is your software. Blindly following the herd is no way to stand out.

You deserve custom development that is truly 100% customized for you.

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Courses are free training courses designed to teach you about a specific topic.

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Absolute Minimum Email Marketing for Shopify Stores

Every business wants to survive. They don’t want to close up and die. This means that most businesses try to grow. They know they’ll lose a few customers over time so it’s best to increase their customer base over time to counteract that. And then there are businesses that want… Read more

How To Use Software To Improve Your Shopify Store’s Marketing

Businesses are always looking for ways to find more and better customers. To do this they turn to marketing but with the number of marketing messages out there now, it’s become crowded. One way to improve your marketing is to use software to streamline and automate the process. In this… Read more


Average Order Value, and how to calculate it

Your Shopify store’s Average Order Value (AOV) is one of the key metrics you want to keep track of. Average Order Value definition Average Order Value shows how much each customer spends in an order, on average (hence the name). It is calculated on orders in a date range so… Read more

Using the Shopify blog and other ways to have a blog for your store

Content marketing and blogging have both become a very low-cost way to attract customers. A steady blogging process can build an audience of customers over time, smoothing out many seasonal peaks and valleys. You have a few options you can use to start blogging with your Shopify store. Use the… Read more

Repeat Purchase Rate, and how to calculate it

Your Shopify store’s repeat purchase rate shows you how loyal your customer base is. The more customers who come back and buy two, three, or even ten times, the more loyal and valuable each customer is. What is Repeat Purchase Rate? The repeat purchase rate measures the percentage of your… Read more

Which add to cart button color converts the best in Shopify?

Recently a Sticky customer emailed me about the add to cart button their theme uses: Do you have any info regarding which is the best color for the ADD TO CART? Or is just following the theme the best? The best converting colors are very dependent on the rest of… Read more

The cheap and fast personalized touch

In one of my email courses about building repeat customers I mention sending handwritten notes to repeat customers to build some trust and loyalty. Brian sent me a reply to that email: Great idea for smaller Mom and Pops. However, it isn’t scalable when you ship hundreds of orders a… Read more

How three letters can halve your Shopify SEO impact

A customer sent me a question about domain names recently. What is the difference between [] and []? The results are slightly different. Google treats and as two different sites. The reasons for this is technical but a simple illustration should make it clear. Just looking at these… Read more

Too busy doing busywork to work

Recently I published the 97th issue of Shopify Dispatch, a weekly curated newsletter of Shopify links. I also did something that I should have done 2 years ago. Up until yesterday I would go through all of the sources I use and pull out the article urls and titles by… Read more

Is 11% of your Shopify traffic invisible to your store analytics?

Google Analytics is a great, free website analytics system. Shopify even has a built-in integration with them so you can get it working with very little effort. But if that’s all you use for analytics, you could be missing out on a lot. 11% That’s what Quantable found when it… Read more