Shopify Dispatch Issue #166 - SEO topic clustering

This is a light week because everyone was writing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is now over.

SEO: Topic Clusters Improve Rankings, Traffic

When you start producing enough valuable content, you can optimize its organization to boost the rankings of many similar pages. This is called topic clustering and it's been around for at least a decade in various other names.

With some effort, you could even make a product page your pillar page to really boost it.

Competitors beating you in Google?

Google likes to hand out search enhancements to those websites who help them and their searchers. That's why adding structured data to your Shopify store can be a valuable option.

With JSON-LD for SEO it's even easier. The app will automatically add the data needed for search enhancements like Rich Results and Rich Snippets on products, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

Already trusted by a few thousand Shopify stores since 2015, it's the safe and efficient choice for structured data.

My articles this week

JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Conversio reviews

Eric Davis

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