Shopify Dispatch Issue #180 - Protecting SEO, Welcome program

Replatforming SEO Strategies to Protect Rankings, Boost Traffic, and Drive Sales

Andrea Wahbe writes about SEO considerations when you switch platforms, but the advice is just as valid if you're making a major change to your Shopify store like a new theme.

I've seen too many stores wipe out or set their SEO back months by changing too much at once.

Welcome Program

Kevin Hillstrom has been writing about his marketing management system (read: marketing strategy) and his article on the value of a welcome program is worth thinking about.

Make sure you don't miss this part:

Regardless of client, the most impactful timeframe in the development of a customer is in the first three months following a first purchase.

Segment your customers for fun and profit (but mostly profit)

Segmenting your customers has always been touted as a powerful marketing tool but many stores avoid it because it can be time-consuming.

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically segment your entire customer base for you based on the valuable data Shopify has already collected. Ranging from 5 to over 125+ different segments, you can pick how much power you want to harness.

My articles this week

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Going "too slow"? Compared to what...

Resubmitting your SEO sitemaps in your Shopify store

Eric Davis

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