Shopify Dispatch Issue #214 - The Transactional Brand, Holiday email marketing trends

The Transactional Brand

Kevin Hillstrom has a two-parter on a big shift with branding from relationships to transactions. The second part will help you identify which one your store is behaving like.

Now that he's mentioned it, I remember seeing this to as part of the metric reviews I perform for Repeat Customer Insights customers. Some stores had metrics that were clearly relationship brands, while others were solidly in the transactional camp.

5 Black Friday/Cyber Monday email trends and behaviors

Year after year, email marketing continues to perform for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ayaz Nanji over at Jilt pulls out some advice by looking at email trends from prior years.

Almost any way you slice it, sending your customers and prospects emails will make sales. You're going to need to play with the various dials to figure out which will perform the best.

And don't forget your tracking codes.

Track where your best repeat customers came from

Going beyond simple attribution, Repeat Customer Insights now lets you analyze and segment your customers by their acquisition source.

This will let you find the best sources of long-term customers, not just anyone who orders.

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Eric Davis

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