Shopify Dispatch Issue #223 - So long 2010s, Physical store closures

The first Shopify Dispatch of the new year

So Long 2010s

Kevin Hillstrom sums up the past decade into three key factors. The communication one has and will continue to be hurt stores using broadcasting strategies (including new forms of it).

Physical Store Closures Hit a New High in 2019

While Marcia Kaplan writes about the number of physical stores who've closed or gone out of business in 2019.

It definitely was a year of change.

Data-driven marketing advice

Don't just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue.

By analyzing your customers and orders, Repeat Customer Insights can help find which marketing tactics attract the best customers.

My articles this week

Step-by-step, day-by-day

Reflecting on the rapid recent changes in structured data for Shopify stores

Taking advantage of a software mistake to increase customer loyalty

Trashing old Shopify code that slowed down conversions

Eric Davis

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