Shopify Dispatch Issue #229 - Shopify outage status, Good conversion rates

Check your store's status on the updated Shopify status page

Shopify's updated their status page so that it can now tell you if there's an outage that impacts your specific store.

It's an interesting evolution over the previous "some stores are impacted by ..." status page but the loss of SMS/RSS feeds will make it harder to detect outages and be proactive about them. I used to send those to Slack which meant I would know about an outage within minutes of it occurring.

What's a Good Conversion Rate for Ecommerce?

Pamela Hazelton breaks down conversion rates for three areas of ecommerce. There are hundreds more but these are the core ones if you're focused on acquiring new customers. I'd recommend adding in the Repeat Purchase Rate so you can see how well you're converting repeat customers too.

Awhile back I also built a simple traffic and conversions calculator that can do some of the math for you. I recommend at least a 3% conversion rate in there, which is what I consider the minimum for a well-built Shopify store.

Analyze beyond the first purchase

Have your Repeat Purchase Rate and other metrics calculated automatically using Repeat Customer Insights. Its algorithms can do things that drive Excel batty.

Eric Davis

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