Shopify Dispatch Issue #230 - When to scale SEO, Fast stores

SEO: When to Scale (or Not)

Bill Sebald writes about when to scale your SEO activities and when not to.

I see Shopify stores getting this backwards all the time, scaling up the things that need a manual touch (titles, descriptions, content) and doing things that by hand that should be automated (structured data).

A site faster than a speeding bullet

Ilana Davis writes about PageSpeed and how the score doesn't matter.

For fun, run Google's own page through the PageSpeed. It only gets a 92/100 even though that's the most important page for all of Google and they've spent millions (billions?) optimizing it.

If they can't get a perfect score with all their resources and PhD's, do you really think the test is a good test for your Shopify store?

Analyze beyond the first purchase

Have your Repeat Purchase Rate and other metrics calculated automatically using Repeat Customer Insights. Its algorithms can do things that drive Excel batty.

Eric Davis

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