Shopify Dispatch Issue #232 - Rebuy rates and acquisition costs, Shopify accessibility

Here's A Huge Advantage

Kevin Hillstrom connects how important your rebuy rate is to the cost of acquiring new customers.

This concept is important and could be behind why so many stores are struggling on the ad-buying treadmill.

Avoid the ticking time bomb with this podcast

Ilana Davis shares her tools and strategies she uses to build more accessible Shopify themes in this episode of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast. Accessibility is something that can't be bolted-on easily, no matter what apps claim, but there are steps every Shopify store can take in the right direction.

Analyze beyond the first purchase

Have your Repeat Purchase Rate and other metrics calculated automatically using Repeat Customer Insights. Its algorithms can do things that drive Excel batty.

My articles this week

Using spring flowers to time your business cycle

Using customer lifetime values for fun and profit

An extra Saturday for everyone

Eric Davis

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