Shopify Dispatch Issue #233 - Dormant Christmas buyers, Amazon SEO lessons

It's March, and Those Christmas Buyers are Dormant

Kevin Hillstrom highlights an important post-holiday problem, right around now those new Christmas buyers are showing signs of defection. You've probably already lost the majority of them.

But you could change that by timing your acquisition and welcome campaigns differently for the next busy season.

3 SEO Lessons from Amazon for Ecommerce Product Pages

Jill Kocher Brown analyzed Amazon product pages for ideas on how to improve your own product page's SEO. All three of these can be applied to any Shopify store.

Spot odd purchasing behavior

Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and potential defections before they happen.

My articles this week

Give your repeat customers your best offers

Do you know where your Shopify store sales actually come from?

Using time-to-revenue in your store to make short-term decisions easier

Your in case of emergency break glass plan

Eric Davis

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