Shopify Dispatch Issue #256 - Product tabs, Q4 advice

Product description tabs could kill conversions

Ilana Davis writes about how tabs can be hurting your store's performance.

Odd Times

Kevin Hillstrom gives advice about what you can do now to make sure you're not stuck when Q4 rolls around. Most of it centers around having plans to handle all of the uncertainty that 2020 is throwing at everyone.

Learn which products build the best customers

Find which products create the most valuable customers with the new report in Repeat Customer Insights. It goes beyond your best sellers by looking at the long-term purchasing behavior of your customers.

My articles this week

How often are your new customers coming back to your Shopify store?

Christmas decorations in August

Start working on a broad holiday season plan now

Better customer segmenting by looking at more than one analysis

Eric Davis

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