Shopify Dispatch Issue #27 - March 30th, 2016

Shopify UNITE recaps

With UNITE happening last week, there have been a lot of official resources coming out from Shopify. Here's what happened since last week:

Unite 2016 Recap: Enabling Commerce Everywhere (

Here's Everything We Announced at Unite, and What It Means for You As (

Introducing Shopify Scripts: A Giant Leap Forward For Hosted Ecommerce (

Shopify Opens Its Platform With New Sales Channel SDK (

You Can Now Charge for Shopify Apps Based on Usage (

We're Expanding Shopify's API So You Can Build Better (

Live from Shopify Unite: Sales Channels, Buy Buttons and the Future of (

Shopify Unite presentations on Youtube (

How To Use Software To Improve Your Shopify Store's Marketing SPONSOR

Businesses are always looking for ways to find more and better customers. To do this they turn to marketing but with the number of marketing messages out there now, it's become crowded.

One way to improve your marketing is to use software to streamline and automate the process.

In this guide, I explain how software can improve your marketing and give examples of how software can be applied to lead generation.

Quick Links

Shopify Unite Recap (

How to Create a Client Intake Process That Saves You Time and Headaches (

March 2016 Edition: Top Shopify Apps (

List of exceptions in ShopifyApp, ShopifyAPI, and ActiveResource Ruby gems (

5 Ways to Improve Mobile Commerce in 2016 (

Sort your ship out and keep customers happy (

Expert Advice for Branding Your Shopify App (

How Conversational Commerce Is Forever Changing the Way We Shop (

How to Use Video Footage in Web Design (

eCommerceFuel podcast: Setting (And Achieving) Big Business Goals (

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast: Nate Murray: The Mindset to 42 Shopify Stores (

Thanks, I'll see you next week

Eric Davis

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