Shopify Dispatch Issue #294 - First-time buyer products, Minified CSS from Shopify

Why Are You Featuring Certain Items To First-Time Buyers?

Kevin Hillstrom shares some buying data from a customer that shows how the products bought by a first-time buyer impact repurchases. This is a key area when trying to acquire good customers. Some products perform better than others so you should measure and focus on the ones that perform the best, beyond the first sale.

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically analyze the products and variants in your Shopify store and show something similar to you. You'll see both the Repeat Purchase Rate (Rebuy Rate in Kevin's article) and the total customer LTV for each product.

Shopify now serves minified CSS files automatically

In a platform update, Shopify will now shrink and minify CSS files automatically. This is only one small part of your store's performance but it's an easy win. I'm honestly surprised Shopify hasn't been doing this all along.

Some themes come with this done automatically but often custom CSS code doesn't so it should be a boost to every Shopify store.

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help you compare how your customers change over-time and spot new trends.

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