Shopify Dispatch Issue #331 - Brand building, Inventory Turnover Ratio

Brand Building Best Practices: Statistics, Trends & Strategy

One strategy to build organic traffic is with brand building. Elise Dopson goes through the best practices and examples of how companies are doing it without advertising.

It will take effort and time like any other organic channel so it's best to start early.

Rotate Stock, Maximize Profits: How to Use Inventory Turnover Ratio in Your Store

Michael Keenan describes how to calculate and use your inventory turnover ratio to analyze your supply chain. It can help you figure out how much inventory you should be holding.

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help you compare how your customers change over-time and spot new trends.

My articles this week

Using Recency and Frequency to measure customer loyalty

Spot customer acquisition issues with the Customer Grid and RFM

Discover if your customers are becoming more loyal over time

Released: compare how your customer segments have changed over time

Eric Davis

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