Shopify Dispatch Issue #345 - Marketing strategies, SEO-time

12 Types of Marketing: A Guide to Different Marketing Strategies

Shopify's created a list of broad marketing strategies. You'll want to master at least one, and have two others you're experimenting with.

I disagree with grouping paid and earned in each of the search engine and social media marketing types. Paid and earned strategies are so different they should be additional categories.

Time to work on your SEO

With 2022 nearing the halfway point, many stores are starting on their winter marketing. I remember something about many Shopify Plus stores starting Black Friday prep every year in March and April just so they had enough time to meet their deadlines.

If you're focused on SEO, now is the time to be doing it. Ilana Davis has created five SEO improvements to do now to help our your SEO in the later part of the year.

Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior

Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as long-term retention cycles. Repeat Customer Insights can automatically create cohorts for your Shopify store, going back to your very first order.

My articles this week

About the new Repeat Customer Insights API

Better data from Shopify means better channel analysis

New features and accounts for Repeat Customer Insights

Eric Davis

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