Shopify Dispatch Issue #347 - Discounting competitors, Demand planning

Competing with big companies and discounters

Ilana Davis writes about how to deal with competitors flooding the marketplace with deep discounts, without making it a race to the bottom.

Demand Planning for Retailers: How to Prepare for an Influx of New Shoppers

Elise Dopson has a guide to demand planning and forecasting to prevent stockouts and increase customer satisfaction. While targeting retail stores, many of the points apply to online stores too.

Measure your customer loyalty

Measure the different levels of customer loyalty with Repeat Customer Insights. It uses various models to segment and grade your customers based on their behavior.

My articles this week

When each report should be used in Repeat Customer Insights

What kind of a payback period should paid acquisition target?

Loyalty starts with delivery

Why RFM has no set points that determine a customer's ranking

Eric Davis

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