Shopify Dispatch Issue #351 - Supply chain trends, Summer marketing

Supply Chain Trends That Will Shape the Future of Ecommerce

Supply chain and shipping issues continue to hamper stores. Kaleigh Moore looks at supply chain trends as stores start to adapt.

Summer Marketing: 20 Ideas To Survive The Summer Slump In Revenue

Vivian Tejeda outlines a collection of summer marketing ideas and promotions.

Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

In order to keep your best customers, you need visibility into what's going on with them. Repeat Customer Insights will help you track down where you're losing customers and how to better target new ones.

My articles this week

Time to crack open that recession playbook again

Do the work today for repeat customer success in the upcoming months

Benchmark your Shopify store to find the important metrics

Deciding to close a weak product line based on customer behavior

Eric Davis

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