Shopify Dispatch Issue #350 - Carbon-neutral shipping, Focus here

Make Shipping Carbon Neutral With Shopify Planet

Shopify has released a way to have carbon-neutral shipping in an easy to understand pricing model.

I've been following Shopify's carbon strategies and this makes it easy for Shopify stores to show their environmental commitment.

Prioritize What You Do

Kevin Hillstrom lists what ecommerce stores should prioritize right now.

I agree with all these points. Mastery of these six things will pull your store ahead of everyone else. Even mastering half of them will kick things into high-gear.

Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

In order to keep your best customers, you need visibility into what's going on with them. Repeat Customer Insights will help you track down where you're losing customers and how to better target new ones.

My articles this week

Fighting back weedy customers

Comparing the year's metrics before it's complete

Focus on a few strategies and keep your tactics a secret

Strong models are universal

Eric Davis

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