Shopify Dispatch Issue #371 - Shopify and Google

A Bigger and Better Shopify Audiences, now available with Google

Shopify Plus stores can now connect Shopify Audiences to Google Ads. I don't know how this compares to Google taking over the Shopify Google Shopping app but there's definitely a lot of changes happening in the advertising space for Shopify.

Do I need Google Analytics on my Shopify store?

With the upcoming closure of Google Analytics 3 and Shopify not having an option for its successor, Google Analytics and web tracking in general is on a lot of people's minds.

Ilana Davis writes about deciding if Google Analytics is even needed or if there's an alternative way to track website visitors.

Did last year's holiday customers come back?

Find out if last year's holiday customers stuck around with Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

My articles this week

Comparing your Average Order Value against other Shopify stores

Advertising: the ghost of the fourth quarter

Repeat customers should be placing larger orders and increasing AOV

Start improving your repeat customer loyalty asap

Eric Davis

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