Shopify Dispatch Issue #396 - Shopify Bill Pay, Collection list performance

Issue #396 - April 26th, 2023

Introducing Shopify Bill Pay: Pay Any Business, Any Way You Want

Shopify has integrated with Melio to offer the ability to pay bills within Shopify.

While an interesting feature, it feels a bit off-topic for Shopify to build.

The Current State of E-Commerce Product List UX Performance (15 Best Practices)

Edward Scott released a collection of ways to make your product list pages (collections) perform better. There's a lot of details could be a major conversion boost.

When are your best customers defecting?

Are your best customers defecting? Use Repeat Customer Insights to find out where in their lifecycle you're losing them and what you can do to win them back.

My articles this week

Selecting the best customer segmenting model for your Shopify store

Describing RFM segmentation with Customer Grids

What is a cohort and how can they help segment your customers?

Three areas to focus on for strong repeat customers

Eric Davis

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