Shopify Dispatch Issue #443 - Content for people, The endless sale

Issue #443 - March 20th, 2024

Create content for people, optimize for bots

Ilana Davis writes about Google's guideline to create content for people.

For decades people have been trying to game search engines to manufacture content for rankings. From footer links to content spinning to now AI, people keep trying to out-maneuver Google and losing.

30 Weeks Out Of 52

Kevin Hillstrom shares a story about always having a sale.

Get a complete view of your customer behavior

The cohort analysis in Repeat Customer Insights will automatically build cohorts for all of your customers. It has the ability to go back through your entire store history so you can get a complete view of your customer behavior.

My articles this week

Compare your Average Order Value across different acquisition channels

Using unexpected good weather when it comes

Finding your 1% customers

Mistiming subject lines

Eric Davis

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